Community Welfare and Development Activity of SMPCL

Summit Alliance Port Limited (SAPL) Considers it a part of their responsibility to participate in the improvement and development of the local community.

Employees of SAPL enjoy a monthly fixed Medical Allowance. In some cases however SAPL believes that allowance is not enough to take care of the medical need of one’s family. Hence SAPL has been exploring the possibility of extending medical support to their employees on this critical issue. With this in view SAPL is looking at the option of introducing Group Insurance Policy for the employees and their dependents with some benefits.

SAPL also provides a 5 percent of the company’s net profit before tax for the benefit of its workers as a part of the Profit Participation Fund, Welfare Fund and Kalyan foundation fund.

Keeping this endeavor of community welfare in mind SAPL also supports the local youths in spending their leisure time in benefitting way. Thus SAPL has been sponsoring a Cricket Tournament for them every year.