In addition, Summit Group’s Chairman, Muhammed Aziz Khan is also the Chairman of the Prothom Alo Trust Board. This trust is involved in many social activities like sponsoring books to community schools & colleges and plantation programs for the people of the community.

Summit Group gives donations to the Acid Foundation who supports survivors of the brutal attacks. The ultimate goal of the organization is to eliminate acid violence from Bangladesh. This NGO’s focus is on being as a coordinating agency. Thus, building up the capacity of the local level NGOs as well as the professionals involved with this issue, for example, doctors, public prosecutors and the police, are very important parts of its activities. This NGO also has initiatives to engage the media, celebrities and students in implementation of prevention measures.

Summit Group has also sponsored Musa Ibrahim, who was the first Bangladeshi to climb Mount Everest. For Musa Ibrahim, the fact that no one from Bangladesh had ever been able to conquer Mount Everest was just another reason to go for this daunting experience. Even with his heart set on bringing glory to his motherland, the quest involved tedious training and heartbreaking struggle to raise funds for the expedition. He received financial assistance from a few organizations but the major share came from Summit Group. Recently, we have sponsored him again as he is attempting to swim the Bengali Channel.