Back Social Responsibility Siraj Khaleda Memorial Hospital in Dhaka Cantonment


Summit Group believes in empowering Bangladesh. This belief is based on a deeper understanding of Bangladesh, the land and the community and society in which it operates. The articulation is expressed through Siraj-Khaleda trust. The organizational foundation and functional process of the trust is based on prescribed government guidelines and rules of operation. Alleviation of socio-human advancement, well-being and rehabilitation of distress of the poor and underprivileged in a spirit of social justice and common human values is the ultimate goal it seeks. Health care, educational support and social rehabilitation are precisely the fields that Summit intends to support with the Siraj-Khaleda Trust.


Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the long awaited Siraj-Khaleda Memorial Cantonment Board General Hospital on 13th May, 2012. The construction of the hospital building was financed by the Siraj-Khaleda Trust, an organizational foundation of Summit Group.

1. Trust’s Responsibility:
To construct a 200-bed civil hospital at a cost of TK 12 (Twelve) crore in two phases on the land provided by Cantonment board. To keep a provision of expansion up to 300 beds. After completion of the hospital it will be handed over to the Cantonment board for proper management.

2. Beneficiaries of the Hospital:

  • At least 50%of the out-patients and 25% of the in-patients of the hospital will be from amongst the poorest of the society living in and around cantonment area. All of them will receive medical treatment either free or at a subsidized rate.
  • All civil members and families of the Military Lands and Cantonment Directorate, Military Estates Offices and cantonments boards will get treatment in the hospital. Moreover all civil population of Dhaka cantonment area will get the outdoor treatment in the hospital.
  • All employees of the operator and families of the retired servicemen not authorized medical treatment in CMH.
  • Others as may be decided by the management committee

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