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Farsight, forward looking, creating a better future: for shareholders, our nation and the world are the core values, we have strived towards. For the last 25 years, Summit Corporation Limited (formerly known as Summit Industrial and Mercantile Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.) has set standards of excellence, innovativeness, creativity and productivity. In the private sector, we have built the country’s first tank terminal, container terminal and the first independent power plant.

“Today” has always been the most exciting time, each day we work to improve the future. “Today,” we are building power plants to generate 1800 MW of electricity for an electricity starved country, “today” we are building container terminals and ports to provide infrastructure enabling Bangladesh to join with global trade, “today” we are laying fibre optic connectivity around Bangladesh to provide the fastest unhindered transmission of information.

In the service sector, we are setting up comprehensive financial services network spanning retail banking, capital financing, investment banking, from brokerage to insurance. Still “today” we are building the largest hospitality service centre with two hotels providing more than 800 five star rooms and 10,000-persons capacity convention centre with 300,000 square feet of retail space.

Yes, tomorrow we shall have a golden Bengal.

Muhammed Aziz Khan